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Thesis Papers

Thesis Papers

Thesis Paper: What is a Thesis Paper?

Writing thesis paper is inevitable in the course of virtually any study since this piece of writing crowns one's academic career and is one the major requirements for graduation. The word "Thesis" originates from Late Latin, which, in turn, came into use from the Greek language (tethenai) with the meaning of 'put, place'. A thesis paper, therefore, can be viewed as an intellectual proposition, which is made by its author on the basis of his/her own research and the research which has been previously conducted by other scholars.


Thesis Paper vs. Dissertation

In many countries writing a thesis paper is a prerequisite for bachelor's or a master's degree. There has been much confusion regarding the use of such terms as 'thesis papers' and 'dissertation papers'. Practice shows that these terms are used interchangeably quite a lot - the term selection being different depending on the country.


Thesis Paper: Points to Consider Before Writing a Thesis Paper

  • Every thesis paper has its special consideration, which vary from school to school and/or from department to department. Those will inevitably affect its language, formatting style, selection of appropriate methodology, ways of data collection etc. For this particular reason students are strongly advised to consult their respective committees ahead of time.
  • The most important point to remember is that writing a thesis paper implies original research, your own, independent, fresh contribution to the existing body of knowledge. In this respect, simply copying from others' work is not acceptable, even if this work has been properly acknowledged.
  • Give your thesis paper some time, don't procrastinate leaving it to the last moment. Yes, the paper has a lot of technical aspects to it, - e.g. reviewing literature, formulating your hypothesis, collecting data, analysing them and, finally, presentating your efforts. Some scholars advise to leave the entire term for the actual writing process. The most time consuming part of writing your thesis paper is formalizing the results. During this process you will be able to identify possible weaknesses in your thesis paper, thus armoring it against the scrutiny of the thesis committee. Years of experience show that it's always best to give your thesis paper as much as 12-18 months.


Thesis Paper: Writing Process

A thesis paper writing process can be generally presented in the following way: :

  1. Literature review. Reviewing literature is in many ways the most difficult part of the writing, especially if you are new to the topic. This stage of the thesis paper writing puts up the setting of your paper. You will need to search, read and analyze theoretical findings relevant to your topic, - they will subsequently melt into your hypothesis, your methodology and will set context for your analysis and interpretation.
  2. Collecting Data. This is another time consuming aspect of this undertaking. Depending on whether you are planning to do it full-time or part-time, the time required  for collecting your data will vary from several months to half year. You will also want to keep good track of your data as you might have to go back and recheck it in the course of writing.
  3. Data Analysis. In order to be able to analyze your data effectively, you will need to learn the statistics package. Make sure you have enough time to do it. 
  4. Drafts. Begin drafting a paper. Please note that by the time you come up with your final version of the paper, you will have written three or four drafts. It's highly likely that each draft will look nothing like its predecessor, so you will need a lot of patience in the process.
  5. Review. Once the draft is complete, let it chill. Come back to it in a couple of days to proofread, make sure it flows right and presents your ideas clearly and logically.


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