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Term Papers

Term papers


What is a term paper?

A term paper is a kind of assignment, which is used extensively by teachers and professors to evaluate students' research skills. A term paper is a piece of writing, which is usually due at the end of an academic term - a semester, a year etc. In essence, this is why this type of papers is called a 'term paper'. The general purpose of a term paper is to argue a point, to characterize and explain a given phenomenon(-a) or a concept. Recently there has been much confusion between such notions as 'term paper' and 'research paper'. While there is indeed a considerable overlap between the two (after all, both are research-based assignments), the main difference is that 'term paper'term paper, unlike the research paper, doesn't necessarily involve academic research. Not all research papers are term papers; likewise not all term papers require academic research (and this is especially true for high school level assignments). Another difference between a term paper and a research paper is that the former emphasises the time aspect, requiring students to submit their term papers at the end of a given period.


Why are term papers so important?

The end of any academic period is the time to check students' knowledge and skills. This can be done in a number of ways, term paper being one of the most popular and effective means of controlling the degree of knowledge acquisition. A good term paper will require you to apply  the skills you have gained and developed during the learning period, and demonstrate how you have mastered. Then, a term paper is worked on independently (sometimes term papers are worked on collectively), and they also show your ability to implement the knowledge and skills. This is largely the reason why term papers make a big part of the final grade.


Term Paper Format

Term paper can be hardly called an assignment with rigid format requirements. Each school or university will have its own specific requirements, which are unique to that particular institution. This is partly done to combat academic dishonesty, since in such a way copying from other sources is prevented. Therefore it is our recommendation that all term papers should be written in strict compliance with your school requirements. Different schools or departments will have different requirements for term papers. Most commonly an average term paper ranges from several to about a dozen pages in length. This type of assignment is mostly used during senior high-school years and/or junior college stages. For the most part it prepares a student for a more serious assignment like master's thesis or doctoral dissertation.


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