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Order Guarantee

When you order with, you may be confident that the paper you request will be delivered to you in time and according to your specifications. Irrespective of whether this is an essay, a research paper, a thesis or a book report, we will do everything to the best of our ability to meet your requirements.


Fixed Price Papers


Having over 5 years of experience in the industry, we have developed a database containing records of over 10 000 professional writers worldwide. Each writer has at least 50 original papers, written on his/her own, that were ordered by other companies and clients years ago, and are now available for resale. That makes a total of 500 000 (yes, half a million) essays on a variety of subjects. When the order is placed, whoever uploads the paper first gets the commission, thus making this procedure incredibly fast and reliable. We guarantee that these papers will be original and custom written, not copied and pasted from the Internet. However, you must understand, that even though the risk of presence of plagiarism is relatively little, these papers are recycled, it means they have been turned in before. There is no moneyback guarantee in case of detected plagiarism. If you would like to ensure that your paper is one-of-a-kind, please visit our custom writing service.


Custom Writing


Our custom writing service is available to those who want a unique paper tailored to their needs. Such a paper will be fully based on the instructions we receive from our customers, and will be based solely on the instruction files which are provided. Moreover the paper will be of exactly the requested length, done according to customers' specifications, and formatted according to the style of choice: APA, MLA, Oxford, Harvard, Chicago, etc. Such papers are covered with our customer satisfaction guarantee, meaning that in case a customer is not happy with the result, he or she might get back to us within the first 20 days and request a revision free of charge. Note, however that in this case revision is only possible if it does not contradict the initial assignment instructions. In some exceptional cases the paper might be rewritten anew. Upon completion, all papers are scanned for plagiarism and our customers actually get to view the plagiarism report.


Essay Database Service


The service implies that the customer gains access to a database of prewritten papers. These papers have been written in the past  and submitted several years ago, getting their authors high grades. Because of this we believe that such papers can be used by other students as samples, guiding them in the writing process. The essay database service implies independent search and selection of the paper which a customer thinks is the best for him or her. Because these papers have already been written and submitted in the past, they might not pass the plagiarism check again. Therefore such papers are non-refundable - we expect our customers to use them as samples only, and base their independent work on the papers which they obtained from the database.