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How To Use Our Website? is happy to extend three different services to its customers:

fixed-price papers, custom written package and essay database service



Fixed Price Paper

The fixed price package means that for just $39.95 you will be offered a paper which is closest to your requirement. Papers, which are covered by this package are the ones, which have been written and submitted in the past. All these papers have been custom written several years ago, submitted and scored high. We think that such papers would make a good example of what a good paper should be, therefore we are offering them to our customers. It is important to stress that such papers might not pass the test; therefore it is critical that they are used as examples only. If you do not know how to write your paper or not sure what structure it should follow, this option might be just what you want. Likewise you will be able to see the references which were used and use some of the information which that particular paper contains. In this respect such papers can be very useful. Plus don't forget the cost - for a fixed price of just $39.95 you aren't getting a custom written paper: be it an essay, a research paper or a dissertation. If you feel this option just what you need, visit our order page and submit your order.


Custom Writing Services

Besides the fixed price package, we are happy to provide you with the custom writing offer. This service offers you virtually unlimited possibilities. For the past five years we and our affiliates have been building our team of writers, who have written dozens - in some cases hundreds - of academic papers. As a result of such scrupulous and hard work we are now able to cover a wide variety of topics. No, we are not saying that we can write on any thinkable topic, however our vast expertise just allows us to tackle an extremely large number of assignments. Our area of expertise lies predominantly in the following subjects: Business, Economics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Sociology, History, Arts, Languages, Management, Marketing, Engineering, Computer sciences, Education, Law, Nursing, Medicine and others. Other companies like to say that they can cover virtually any topic there is, however we believe this is impossible. Contemporary science is characterized by high level of specialization, therefore we believe it is highly unlikely that one person or one company can have universal specialization. However, we are not saying we cannot try something new. Send us your assignment criteria, we will show them to our writers and then let you know whether we can do this assignment or not.

Essay Database


The third option we offer is the essay database. This package implies self service, giving you the freedom of selecting the paper, which you think is the best for you.

We will give you access to the database of essays we have developed as well as other databases that we have access to. All essays which are on our database have been written in the past and submitted, getting their authors high scores. Such essays too you would make a good example of what a paper should look like. We therefore think that those essays can be of benefit to other students. Please note that this database consists for the most part of recycled papers that and all papers from this database should be used as samples. After gaining access to the essay database, you will be able to select one or several papers which you think are the best for you.