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Alexander's Bridge

Author: Cather, Willa

Genre: Novel

Year: 1912


Alexander's Bridge is a novel written by popular American author Willa Cather. Originally published in 1912, and is the story of a construction engineer and world-renowned builder of bridges, Bartley Alexander, who is going through a mid-life crisis. Bartley, married to wife Winifred, has an affair with a former lover, Hilda, in London. Alexander's Bridge is highly recommended for those who enjoy the writings of Willa Cather and for those who are discovering her writings for the first time.

Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Willa Cather once famously observed, "The end is nothing; the road is all." Cather herself made the most of the road she traveled, wearing an indelible literary path studded with classic American novels from O Pioneers! to My Ántonia.

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