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Angel in Disguise

Author: T.S. Arthur

Genre: Fiction

Year: 1856



  • Claire
  • Garver
  • Graham
  • Mrs. Thompson



The main theme of the novel is that of personal belief. Lani Garver struggle to keep up a “normal” appearance and hide her troubled home life from her carefree friends, Claire buys into everything that they believe. Even if she doesn’t agree with others’ opinions, she never says as much. Lani is a smart, kind, and insightful person who happens to look like a girl, and Claire’s best friend is quick to write him off as gay. She warns Claire to stay away from him if she values her reputation, since their fishing town of Hackett, Pennsylvania is highly homophobic.

When Claire questions Lani about his sexual preference, his age and even how smart he is, he insists that all these are“boxes.” He refuses to be labeled. When Claire fears her remission is ending and goes to a clinic in Philadelphia for a test, her attending nurse tells her about “floating angels,” or angels in human form who help people through crises. While Lani neither confirms nor denies it, Claire constantly questions whether or not he is an actual “floating angel” from that point on.

In the meantime, even more of Claire’s beliefs begin to change as her relationship with Lani is met with increasingly hostile behavior from her friends. She has always believed them when they call her “dumb” or “naïve” due to her inability to see the world as they do. But she soon learns that what she perceives as friendship is actually an attempt to control her. Her so-called friends go to dangerous lengths to “talk sense into her” and make her believe that Lani is brainwashing her.


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