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Alice and the Pigeon

Author: T.S. Arthur

Genre: Short Story


Alice and the Pigeon is a story for kids.  In the story, Alice is a little girl who happened to have fed a little pigeon at least twice.  It happened on winter season, when early in the morning, there was a pigeon on Alice's window panes.  Alone, feeling cold and obviously hungry, the bird was let in by Alice into her room and fed with crumbs.  Eventually, when it had its fill, the pigeon flew through the window and out of the room.  When evening came, Alice saw the same bird as if it were awaiting from her some crumbs of bread again.  Alice obliged, and tried to attract the bird's attention towards her direction with the crumbs on her hands.  By and by, the pigeon flew to her spot and even enjoyed the meal that was at Alice's palm.  Succinctly but beautifully narrated, Alice and the Pigeon is a story that offers values to its readers.

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