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After a Shadow

Author: T.S. Arthur

Genre: Short Story

Year: 1868


After a Shadow - T.S.Arthur

Written in 1868, After a shadow and other stories was a collection of short stories.The plot of After a  shadow is woven around a certain Mrs. Mayflower and her family, Mr. Mayflower and their son Arty. The story begins with the child being somewhat perplexed about his own shadow and later flows into a shopping expedition.The plot along with the style can be both brisk and poignant. The authors ideas seem simplistic, even oppressive by todays standards, however many  in his time found him relevant, helpful, reassuring, and compelling. 

T.S. Arthur was an American temperance crusader, editor and author of fiction and non-fiction works.He thought stories should impart beneficial life lessons by means of plainly written, realistically depicted scenes. He not only contributed greatly to the social and moral fabric of his time, he wrote many books for children, books about history and advice works for men and women regarding marriage, ethics and divorce. His work seems governed by strident moralism and pious sentimentalism.

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