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Author: Sophocles

Genre: Poetry

Characters: Tiresias, Haemon, Eurydice, Ismene, Creon, Antigone


This poem is quite successful in producing the effect that one has come to recognize Greek tragedy with. Sophocles is able to get his audience entrenched in the play and succeeds in getting the theme across to his audience. The portrayal of Antigone is so powerful that one can not but lament on the feelings of contempt towards Creon and sympathize with Antigone for her actions.
The denouement of this story is everybody dying and Creon realizing his folly in the end. Misunderstanding has been the biggest factor for this tragedy. Creon, who has decided to get his son to marry Antigone, misunderstands her and this leads to a chain of events that finally leads to her doom at Creon’s hands. As in most Greek tragedies, Antigone is a play that revolves around the conflict of morals, with the noble protagonist displaying a tragic flaw that is inherent and ultimately leads to his/her downfall. In Antigone, the protagonist is none other than the namesake, and she through her actions, instigates an infuriated Creon, who sends her to her doom.

Antigone does follow the Greek definition of tragedy. The turning point of this play is when Creon tries to mend his wrongs and goes to free Antigone.

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