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Antigone (drama)

Author: Sophocles

Genre: Drama

Year: 1942

Characters: Creon, Antigone


Antigone is a tragedy inspired by Greek mythology and the play of the same name (Antigone, by Sophocles) from the fifth century B.C.

In English, it is often distinguided from its antecedent by being pronounced in its original French form, "Ante-GON."

Antigone was produced in Paris in 1942, when France was occupied and part of Europe by Hitler. The play Depicts an authoritatian regime which mirrors the predicament of the French people of the time, Based on Sophocles' ancient Greek tradegy, Antigone which was first performed in Athens in the 5th century BC, its theme was nevertheless topical. For in Antigone's faithfulness to her dead brother and his proper burial and her reiterated "No"! to the dictator Creon, the french audience saw its own resistance to the German occupation. The Germans allowed the play to be performed presumably because they found Creon's arguments for dictatorship convincing. The play is regularly performed and studied around the world.

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