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Andromeda Strain

Author: Crichton, Michael

Genre: Fiction

Year: 1969



  • Dr. Jeremy Stone
  • Dr. Charles Burton
  • Dr. Peter Leavitt
  • Dr. Mark Hall
  • Dr. Christian Kirke



The Andromeda Strain chronicles five days in the life of an alien life form. Brought back to earth by a secret government satellite, the life form acts like a virus or bacteria, but its structural composition resembles nothing on earth. The alien life form spreads its deadly disease through tiny Piedmont, Arizona, wiping out much of the population in a matter of seconds. When the military men sent to retrieve the satellite are killed as well, Major Manchek from Vandenberg airforce base calls in the Wildfire team.

Project Wildfire is housed in a top-secret, $22 million dollar laboratory buried five stories beneath the Nevada desert. When Wildfire is activated, a team of pre-selected scientists arrive at the laboratory to study the alien life form, which they code-name "Andromeda."


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