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Author: Chopin, Kate

Genre: Novel

Year: 1899

Description: The Awakening is a trailblazing short novel written by a turn-of-the-century feminist about the awakening Edna Pontellier allows herself to experience amidst a stale marriage and a conservative society. Edna is a farmgirl who marries into high-class Creole society, but becomes emotionally stagnant due to her husband's irreverent love for her. After falling in love with another man, who leaves "to protect her," she decides to move out on her own to regain mental and financial independence. Her awakening is encountered in her "chicken coop," when she discovers who she is as Edna and not as Mrs.Pontellier. It is a beautiful story for any young woman discovering herself in the world.

Original title: The Awakening
Original languages: English

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