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All Roads Lead to Calvary

Author: Jerome, Jerome

Genre: Novel

Year: 1919


All Roads Lead To Calvary - Jerome. K. Jerome

Jerome K. Jerome was a popular turn-of-the-century humorist. He was a born storyteller, and his works often began as anecdotes that he developed into short stories, plays, essays, or novels. He sometimes used his short stories as the initial embodiments. His novel All roads lead to Calvary has a religious undertone. It is written solely in the third person.

"She had not meant to stay for the service. The door had stood invitingly open, and a glimpse of the interior had suggested to her the idea that it would make good copy. "Old London Churches: Their Social and Historical Associations." It would be easy to collect anecdotes of the famous people who had attended them. She might fix up a series for one of the religious papers. It promised quite exceptional material, this particular specimen, rich in tombs and monuments... "
It was curious how words dwell with her, till gradually they had become a part of her creed. She remembered how at first they had seemed to her a threat chilling her with fear. They had grown to be a promise, a hope held out to all. Jerome instills in the reader that the road to Calvary is indeed the road to life. By the giving up of self we gain God.

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