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Accursed Bread

Author: Guy de Maupassant

Genre: Short Story

Year: 1850


The Accursed Bread by Guy de Maupassant

This is A short story about a widower named Taille and his three daughters. The story revolves around Daddy Taille and three daughters: Anna, the eldest, who was scarcely ever mentioned in the family; Rose, the second girl, who was eighteen, and Clara, the youngest, who was a girl of fifteen.

Old Taille was a widower and a foreman in M. Lebrument's button manufactory. He was a very upright man, very well thought of, abstemious; in fact, a sort of model workman.The climax lies at the end of the story where everyone present at Rose's wedding is asked not to eat the Accursed bread.

Guy de Maupassant's style of being simple and direct, sometimes comic and ironical is fully reflected in this work. The work reflects his interest in the emotional problems of all classes and his passion for women. He excelled at revealing the hidden sides of people.

This is among Maupassant's large and prolific collection of short-stories including famous work as 'Boule de suif' ('Ball of Fat') and 'The Necklace' ('La Parure'.) The story is free from sentimentality or idealism, and expose the realities in minute detail the pretenses and vulgarity of the period's middle class.

Accursed bread can be seen as one of the less complex of Maupassant’s work compared to his other tales. Those tales of war and brutality like "Mademoiselle Fifi" and "Boule de Suif" or tales of the human heart like "Yvette," speak to a window in the human soul that few can see, and fewer still can speak to.

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