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Author: Euripides

Genre: Play

Year: 1932

Characters: Pyrrhus, Orestes











The Andromache a play filled with distrust and jealousy. This play shows the fate of Hector’s wife, Andromache, as the slave of Neoptolemus to whom she bares a child. Neoptolemus, the son of Achilles, is married to Hermione, who is unable to bare children. This situation builds up to the message of the play which seems to be the negative affects of people not being satisfied with the life which the gods have destined for them. With that being said there is also a message in this play which relates to a lot of literary works as well as life, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. The fact that Hermione can’t bare children is not acceptable to Neoptolemus and this is why he turns to his slave Andromache, this leads to a feud between the two women which will not end well for their husband. This play parallels with the Iliad in the sense that an important woman has been taken from her home and she is causing problems for those who hold her.

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