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Ash Wednesday

Author: Hawke, Ethan

Genre: Fiction

Year: 2000


Jimmy Heartsock, a Sergeant in the American Army, has dumped his beautiful girlfriend Christy. Now he decides he wants her back and wants to marry her. He follows her to a bus depot carpark and proposes on bended knee. She doesn't want to marry him and she is in fact four months pregnant with his child. However he persuades her to let him drive her in his Chevy Nova the rest of the way to Texas. On the way they discuss their lives. Jimmy confides about his father's manic depression and suicide; Christy about her mother who left her as a child. Won over Christy agrees to marry Jimmy and they take a detour to Ohio to visit Jimmy's childhood priest. The priest after discussing life with Jimmy agrees to marry them and Christy's father and best friend fly in for the wedding. The couple honeymoon in New Orleans. It is here during the Mardi Gras that Christy starts to bleed and they rush to the nearest hospital. Christy although endangering the pregnancy persuades Jimmy to drive her home to Texas and the couple are stopped for speeding by the police. Jimmy is AWOL from the army and is facing dishonourable discharge. Christy happily feels the baby moving and the couple are reunited on the steps of the hospital. This story deals with love, relationships and marriage and how difficult it is to really know someone. The writing is suffused with Hawke's best observations and wisdom about life.

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