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Amateur Cracksman

Author: Hornung, Ernest William

Genre: Short Story

Year: 1899

Characters: Achilles


A.J. Raffles is undoubtedly a gentleman. He lives in Albany in Piccadilly, and as one of England's finest cricketers he is courted during the day by the great, the rich and the fashionable, and invited to their houses. By night he robs them.

The Amateur Cracksman is the account of his adventures told by Bunny Danvers, his admiring accomplice. These classic tales of ingenuity and subtle revenge provide a vivid and thrilling picture of high-class villainy when Victoria was Queen and Britain had an Empire.


  • The Ides of March
  • A Costume Piece
  • Gentlemen and Players
  • Le Premier Pas
  • Wilful Murder
  • Nine Points of the Law
  • The Return Match
  • The Gift of the Emperor

Original title: The Amateur Cracksman
Original languages: English

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