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Author: Hall, Donald

Genre: Novel


Russell Wilburn has moved to the small town of Autumn. He is a widower and is starting over - has bought a lovely older home in Autumn and invested in a small store there too - A fresh start in a charming small town...

What no one told him was...the house he bought it haunted - and the 'residents of the house' scare the new owners out as quickly as they move in!

Russell starts to explore his neighborhood and is drawn to a nearby cemetary. His fascination with the cemetary deepens - literally - when he falls in an open grave - and is greeted by a skeleton - who starts writing something in the dirt - giving Russell clues to what's happening with the house and the mystery surrounding the town.

Yikes! Me? I'd be out of there post haste. But Russell, bless him, follows through with the clues and starts to unravel the dark mystery the town holds.

The actions of his book are intense and terrifying - Gorman unfolds the mystery with a deft hand and you cannot help yourself but turn the next page to see what happens next.

If this is an indication of Gorman's forte, we need to get seatbelts and strap ourselves in when we get more books, because the ride will be intense!

I can see A Grave in Autumn as being made into a movie - a great read.

ellen george

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