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After the Theatre

Author: Chekhov Anton

Genre: Play

Year: 1940


After The Theatre - Anton Chekov

The title "After the Theatre" refers to the plot woven around the fact that Nadya, a 16 year old, was influenced by the performance of Eugene Onegin and Tatyana. Onegin didn't love Tatyana but she loved him a lot. Nadya found it beautiful and romantic, so she wanted to do that with Gorny. She started fantasizing after the theatre performance, and she wanted to play that role in her life. She started writing a letter to Gorny the way Tatyana did to Eugene. The character of Nadya Zelenin has illusions. She fantasizes and doesn't really take love seriously. She doesn't really know what love is and plays around with boys feelings. Gorny and Gruzdyov seem serious about her, she however doesn't take them seriously. After she went to the theatre, it had an influence on her. She feels she can integrate the performance into her life.

The story is not exactly of a love and relationships, but more of memories and fantasies. Nadya Zelenin reminisces the good times she had with Gorny and Gruzdyov; the time they used to love her. The reader is lead to believe and feel that Nadya  yearns attention.

Chekov remains THE most important dramatist which Russia has so far produced. A physician by profession , alongside the  many fine short stories he wrote is few dramas which are strikingly original. Chekhov combined a naturalistic method with a philosophic mind and a humanitarian gentleness of temper.

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