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Agnes Grey

Author: Bronte, Anne

Genre: Novel


Agnes Gray - Anne Bronte

The story depicts a young governess who is forced to rely on her wits as she navigates a stormy sea of experience. Agnes Gray's father puts the family fortunes into jeopardy when he makes an ill-advised investment. Agnes is determined to help out and takes on the daunting task of minding the four children of a prosperous family. Not knowing much of the life of a governess, Agnes quickly realizes that she may have signed up for a world of trouble. Her young charges have a knack for wreaking havoc, and their parents are oblivious to their trouble-making. Leaving her nightmarish first job, Agnes hopes to find a better position with a second wealthy family. Unfortunately, she is not much better off, with spoiled and unpleasant children to corral once again. In the midst of her unhappiness, Agnes finds a ray of hope in the form of a relationship with a young local curate named Edward Weston. Agnes weathers the storm, supported by her love for Edward. However, once her charges grow up, she must return to her far away home to help her mother, now widowed.

People compare things in order to evaluate them, to say that one thing is better or worse that the other or that something is more valuable or not so valuable. By comparing things there is tendency not to mark out the particularity or originality but to equalize and draw parallels between them. Two beautiful novels ''Jane Eyre'' and ''Agnes Gray'' and their well-known creators, Charlotte and Anne Bronte are much compared. We compare the writers personalities, their novels ''Jane Eyre'' and ''Agnes Gray'' and their, so very different, manner of writing. The main theme in both Charlotte Bronte's ''Jane Eyre'' and Anne Bronte's '' Agnes Gray'' is woman's tendency to become independent. Their heroines, just like themselves, want to be educated, to work and achieve independence, both moral and financial. In order to get this independence they both choose a profession of governess. The difference is that while for Jane being a governess is only means how to achieve independence -she is constantly seeking something else, for Agnes it is almost the main purpose,''

Anne Bronte along with her sisters Charlotte and Emily were typical representatives of their time. They could not escape from their environment, its spirit and hypocritical mood of society. Their works reflect social aspects of their time.


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