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Book Reports

Book Reports

Book Report (Bookrep) is a short summary of a book, novel or story. A book report requires the writer to be as objective as possible. This type of writing requires one to be objective and refrain from evaluating the book and/or providing personal input. This is dictated by the purpose of a book report - its main function is to provide a brief synopsis of the writing, which helps all potential readers to determine whether a given piece is of interest to them.


There is often confusion between a book report and a book review. While there is some degree of similarity, a book report is generally shorter, it doesn't analyze the book, its plot and its characters. Instead, it describes what is found in the book, it informs the reader about the author, the structure of the book, what is the book about etc. In this respect a book report is very close to a book summary, where its contents are generalized, the reader is acquainted with the title (and/or subtitle), writer, setting, genre, main characters and (possibly) themes, topics and problems of the book.


Writing a book report is unthinkable without reading the book you are going to write about. Besides just reading a book doing a background research and collecting relevant information is strongly encouraged. Having this information on hand you will be able to better understand the message the writer has attempted to convey, the setting of the book, its main topics and problems. In most cases authors convey problems and/or ideas which are contemporary to them, so understanding historic, social, cultural and other contexts is crucial for an effective book report. Depth of analysis as well as the question in focus will vary depending on the academic level, school and subject. This means that one and the same book can possibly have numerous perspectives, and a variety of reports as a result. For example, book reports for a historian, logician and a psychologist will be inevitably different. It is important therefore to remember that the field of study will mostly likely affect the form and the format of your book report.


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