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A new service aimed to help students better deal with the learning process. There are three options we are offering to our customers, please check the details below.

Fixed Price Essays

  • Most popular.
  • Fast and efficient.
a fixed-price paper today

Our $39.95 service provides you with a convenient option of ordering any paper of any length for just $39.95. This price is for one paper, irrespective of its length. It can be a 15 page essay or a 100+ page PhD level dissertation - both will have the same fixed price of $39.95. We recommend this option if you are working on a bulky project, i.e. if you need a paper of 10 pages and more.

Papers, covered by this option, have been written some time in the past and are the best, most effective samples of writing within their categories. This way, you can have the paper just when you need it, without having to wait for days, weeks and even months until it gets written and uploaded to you.

Custom writing service

  • Highest quality.
  • Individual approach.
  • Zero plagiarism guarantee.
the custom service

In case you are looking for a custom written assignment, then our ‘custom research’ offer is exactly what you need. Our team of professional writers will plan, research and write a paper which is an exact match to your requirements. The papers which are provided under this option are 100% original, have never been completed in the past and will pass any thinkable plagiarism test. In addition, if you opt for a custom written assignment, you are given additional customer satisfaction and money-back guarantees. Please visit our FAQ page to read more.

Custom writing option has several advantages over other options, making it the most appealing service. You are getting a custom written assignment, which is tailored exactly to your needs. In the process of writing this assignment, you will be able to communicate with an expert in a respective field, who will keep you updated in regards to the progress of the paper. Later on, when the paper is uploaded, you can always request a revision – and revision will be provided free of charge. On the other hand, quality research requires time (the most qualified professional can write up to 7-8 pages a day), so if time is a constraint, we recommend either a $39.95 or a database option.

Essay Database

  • Self-service.
  • Ready to use.
  • Wide selection of papers.
  • What you see is what you get.
our essay database

Our database service offers you the convenience of selecting a paper you want from our database of works. possesses an impressive collection of works of all levels and topics, ranging from Biology and Chemistry to Management and Business. This option is extremely convenient for those customers, who do not have much time to complete their assignment; for them, access to our database of works is simply invaluable.

Essay database option presumes self-service, i.e. you are given a chance to browse through a list of papers that are found in the database, then select the one that fits you the most and purchase it. That′s it – easy and simple, any time! This is the most time-saving option, so if you are really pressed for time, this service is just what you need!